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About Us

We are located along La Route de St Aubin and within easy reach from St. Helier, has been established for nearly 5 years and specializes in providing food from a range of different cuisines and cultures. We aim to provide an efficient service, value for money and to deliver a service with integrity and to the highest standard for all our customers. 

We have a diverse range of well trained chefs working in our kitchens. 

Our Indian Head Chef has over 20 years of experience having worked in Europe and the South Asian area, this experience and talent shows in the delicious curries and special dishes. 

Alongside him, our Assistant Indian Chef, with several years experience is also currently undertaking vocational level cookery training . For styles or strengths of curries or dishes not seen on the menu please feel free to call and enquire. 

Our dedicated Thai Chef has several years experience working in Thailand and also worked in Guernsey before Jersey. A wealth of knowledge on Thai cuisine, he will endeavour to accommodate requests for items not on the menu. 

Our Chinese Chef comes from an extensive background in Chinese cuisine and has worked in China as well as restaurants in Jersey. Basic dishes or the more exotic dishes, as well as any requests can be cooked to your preference in a very pleasing style. 

Our Italian Chef has over ten years of diverse and colourful experience internationally. With many years experience in Italian cuisine, added with our extensive range of toppings including the different ethnic toppings, the pizzas are sumptuous. 

Our Chipshop Chef has substantial experience in different cuisines and has great knowledge.from places across the world, allowing him to make tasty and satisfying traditional chip shop favourites and bring his own twist to items if needs be.

Thank you for taking the time to use our service and hope you enjoy your experience. We look forward to welcoming your custom and loyalty over time.

If there is anything you ever need to know further about, come in person mentioned in the opening times below, or please take the opportunity to contact us :-

Tel.     01534 870 555 (5.30pm - 10.45pm, 7 Days A Week)