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All pastas come with 3 pieces of garlic bread
664. Mushroom Risotto Suitable for Vegetarians
With a fragrant tomato sauce
700. Home Made Lasagna
Bolognese sauce, diced chorizo, ham & mozzarella with white sauce
702. Spaghetti Bolognese
703. Fusilli Matriciana
Cream, tomato, bacon, onion & mushroom
704. Fettuccini Carbonara
with cream, bacon, ham & egg
705. Fettuccini Arrabiata
with tomato, onions, garlic & hot chilli
706. Fettuccini Marinara
Assorted sea food, tomato, basil, garlic, onions & mixed peppers
707. Penne al Pesto
Pesto, spinach, tomato & cream
708. Fettuccini Romana Suitable for Vegetarians
(vegetarian) - Mixed vegetables & Napoli sauce
709. Penne Picante
Chilli con carne

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