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Udon Dishes

Thick wheat flour white noodles cooked in beansprouts,onions and spring onions
Plain Udon With Beansprouts
486. Special fried Udon
King prawns, roast pork and chicken
487. King Prawn Fried Udon
488. Beef Fried Udon
Beef Fried Udon £6.50
Beef Fried Udon Copy £6.50
489. Chicken FriedUdon
491. Mixed Vegtables Fried Udon Suitable for Vegetarians
Mixed Vegtables Fried Udon £5.00
Mixed Vegtables Fried Udon Copy £5.00
492. Mushroom Fried Udon
493. Hot & Spicy Fried Udon Suitable for Vegetarians
494. Fried Udon in Black Bean Sauce
495. Fried Udon in Satay Sauce

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